The Whoopi    The Goldberg School is a new school of design atop NYU’s Bobst Library.
addition consists of three
main elements: the studio towers, an admin bar, and a communal “stitch” of program which wrap an outdoor courtyard—a new “ground floor” on the roof on Bobst.

The arrival to the school occurs within or above the transfer truss, which supports the addition and houses the transitional program between the main library and the new school, the design school’s library. Above the library, the stitch, or ramp, wraps the courtyard and connects to the collaborative spaces such as seminar rooms and fabrication shops, ending at an entry to the studio towers. The footprint of each tower is intended to house just one to two sections, and each tower touches at a corner: the rooms themselves acting as circulation. Each tower is topped with its own characteristic function: review space, photo lab, dance studio, and thesis room.

Students are either alone or they’re together.
In studio,
they’re at their desk with their window, thinking and working.
On the ground, they’re gathered, in the café having a coffee or taking a break.

→ Third Semester Core Studio, Prof. Alfredo Thiermann, Harvard GSD, Fall 2019